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I just got off the phone with one of your customer service representatives explaining to her how during our recent relocation the movers accidentally knoced off the cover plate to the battery holder for my SentySafe Model #A5865. The plate was ok but the "AA" battery pack was broken thus rendering my safe useless. As I described the battery pack she was able to identify the part needed and went on to stress that even though the battery pack hooked up via a 9 volt battery connection I must not try and use a 9 volt as a replacemnt...trust me -- she saved me from an evening of frustration. After updating my account - she said the battery pack should arrive within a few days. Now here comes the punch line - I asked what do I owe you? She said "NOTHING"...except a promise not to connect a 9 volt battery to the unit. WOW...Who does that these days? SENTRY does that's who! Understand that I purchased this unit over 10 years ago and had no expectations of getting this at no cost. Thank you SENTRY!

On April 21, 1998 we purchased our fire safe office file from Mr. Randy Holtz. Hoping to never experience a fire to prove its efficiency, but we did on March 4th. Our restaurant (Dutch Mill Buffet) was a 7,000 sq. ft. building that seated 260 patrons. The only thing that was saved was in our fire safe office file. Two hundred plus dollars in coinage and some very important records was all we got out. Sorry to say many other important records were destroyed. Wish we would have had two or three safes.

I purchased a smaller Sentry Safe while I was in college. I had some pictures and important papers stored in the safe. After moving home and getting married, I decided that our marriage license, birth certificates and social security cards should go in it as well. Then, afte having kids, we decided that their social security cards, first locks of hair from their first haircuts and their first tooth should also go in the safe. We also put in a few pictures from our wedding and the girls. I also collect old money and that was also stored in the safe. Needless to say, the safe was one of those out of sight out of mind kind of things. Not something that you think about every day. On August, 6, 2010, my worst fear became a reality. My family was on our first ever family vacation when we got the call that our house was on fire and there was nothing that they could save. (If you know me, I am a picture freak. My pictures are my life). Of course we were devastated but relieved that we were all together and no one (except the cat) was hurt. We drove 14 hours to get back to what used to be our home. What we found was unexplainable. My husband had a waterproof, fireproof StackOn gun safe that held his guns, my cameras, portable hard drives, some jewelry and numerous other things. The fire was so hot it ruined everything inside the safe. Upon rummaging thru the devastation, I came across my SENTRY safe. To my surprise, it was all in one piece. The outside was a little charred, but the contents were in one piece. My little SENTRY safe is the only thing that made me smile thru the days following our fire. I was able to pry the safe open (the key melted) and get out important documents as well as some pictures. We lost ALL pictures inside the home, except what was in the Sentry Safe. THANK YOU SENTRY for saving those few items! You made a horrible situation somewhat brighter for my family. Without those few pictures, I would have NOTHING from my kids childhood. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. We are rebuilding and as soon as we are done I WILL be purchasing another Sentry Safe. A HUGE one! Maybe evern 2 or 3. Thank you again! As you can see in the picture, my pictures were just a little wet, but untouched by the fire!

On Sept. 3, 2007 my home burned. It appeared to have started from a lightning strike. The home burned from the roof down. Upon my arrival the home was completely gone. I was very surprised and happy that the Sentry file box survived. The box itself was destroyed but the files inside were ok. You can see from the pictures that it was amazing that anything survived. Thanks for the fire proof file box and your Lifetime After Fire Replacement policy.

Being in the hospitality business for 25+ years, I have seen some amazing customer service acts but your company went to a whole new level with this story. Prior to buying our new safe, I knew that I wanted a SentrySafe as I have always heard good things about them and your company has a good reputation. I looked at other company’s safes but kept coming back to the SentrySafe. Well, I finally found the perfect SentrySafe for our needs. I ordered it and Fed-Ex Ground called about a week ahead of time to schedule a delivery, yesterday March 10th, 2011. Right on schedule, Fed-Ex delivered and put the very heavy box in my garage, as I hadn’t thought about where we were going to finally put it. Being a person of little patience, I decided to unwrap the very well contained/protected safe. Finally – I had the safe out of the box and on the ground – it was beautiful (as far as safes go). So I got out my dolly and pushed it under the safe and was ready to take it in the house, prior to my wife getting home and helping me. As soon as I lifted the safe, I realized I didn’t have enough of the safe on the dolly and it began to fall forward. All I could do was scream “Nooooooooo”, it all seemed to happen in slow motion. The safe fell front first, right onto the cement of my garage floor, destroying the electronic lock on the front. I looked at it and almost wanted to cry as I knew this was my fault and there was no way anyone could fix this, or so I thought. I decided to call Sentry Safe and see if there was any chance that I could pay for a local guy to come to my house and repair it. I even thought that was a long shot and knew that my investment was as good as gone. I first spoke to a woman named Pam who was so friendly and so reassuring that your company could help me. She admitted that she hadn’t experienced this before and couldn’t find a code to associate the work order with. I suggested, stupid ignorant buyer. She gave me a work order number 562xxxx and connected me to another department where another woman answered but I can’t remember her name, I hope you can identify her from the work order. She said don’t worry things happen. I gave her the serial number of the safe and within a minute said, oh this is a good safe, I can see why you would be so upset. She quickly stated that she would send me a new round electronic lock so that I could install at no charge!!! I was beside myself in relief!!!!! She was amazing!!! She got all my information and said it would go out soon. This is the kind of customer care story that keeps customers coming back. Not sure when or if I will ever need a safe again but I can tell you that I will tell this story over and over when I do my hospitality classes for my resorts and to my friends. You have a customer and an external salesman for life. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

I'm writing for a simple reason--to say thank you! One year ago my husband and I lost our house and everything we owned due to a fire. The year before, we bought a Sentry®Safe FIRE-SAFE® S0100 for important papers, insurance documents, all our titles and other valuables. After the fire, we found a square, concrete-looking blob. It took a couple of days, but we eventually got what was left of the safe open. We were so happy to find everything inside in tact! Thank you for building such a GREAT safe. Since the fire, my husband went out and purchased a replacement safe and one of your files too.

We hope we never suffer such misfortune again, but it will be comforting to know we have your excellent safes to protect our valuables. Again, my family and I thank your company for the safety of our belongings… as well as for your exceptional offer of new safes. I know several of my clients have already purchased your safes since our mishap, and I can assure you that I will be recommending them to all my clients in the future.

I wish to express my deep appreciation for the high quality of your product. The first week of June, I went on vacation. I only made it about six hours away when I received a phone call informing me that my house was on fire! The firemen said it was the hottest fire they have had. The next day, they brought me a charred black box which they knew was my Sentry box. It had to be pried open, but inside was all my important papers just as fresh and safe as when I put them in it. Nothing else survived that fire, except a small spot of carpet where by box had been sitting. Isn't that amazing? I am rebuilding my life now, and when I have another home, there will be a Sentry box in it. Thanks again, for the care you put in your products and the promises you make by standing behind them.

Bought a security safe 15 years ago from Walmart. It was excellent. Last year it was damaged in a house fire. The contents were undamaged and we were very grateful. Called SS for help opening the safe; not only did I get the info I wanted, I discovered that the safe had a lifetime replacement warranty. SentrySafe stood behind their reputation and sent a replacement. Since then, I've purchased 3 more safes. Love the products!

On May 25, 2013 in Oklahoma City an EF5 tornado struck my neighborhood. The vortex of the storm passed through my back yard. As you can see by the picture my home was destroyed. We have 5 Sentry safes. We located all 5. All were dirty and dinged, but otherwise in great condition. These safes survived an F5 tornado and will continue to be used in my household when I rebuild.

We recently had a fire in our business and your safe is the only thing that was left when it was over. We pulled it out and after a bit got it open (it was still very securely locked) and found the papers…still in good shape. This is a testament to the quality of your product as the fire itself was extremely hot with several explosions involved. I have since bought a new one and we are considering getting some larger ones for more of our valuables. If it made it through that fire, they will make it through most anything. Thank you.

On the afternoon of Thursday, July 21, 2011, our Little River, South Carolina home became the victim of an intense, consuming fire. The fire raged until it completely destroyed the roof of the house and much of the upper floor, burning thru the floor and raining destruction to the living areas below. When, hours later, the heavy black smoke and flames finally abated, the once beautiful brick home was almost entirely destroyed. My wife and I had lived in and enjoyed our home for nearly six years. When we first moved in, luckily, we purchased a SENTRY safe to safeguard our important family documents and special items of jewelry. With the fire reaching an estimated 2000 degrees in some areas, we were concerned that even our safe could not survive....it DID! After the embers cooled, we removed the safe from the burned out bedroom closet, where it had resided for years, punched the code into the discolored but still functional keypad, and opened the door to find its precious contens safe and sound! Thank you SENTRY!

…my personal safe that melted from the heat and smoke damage that totally destroyed our home. Nothing was harmed where it couldn't be used. It truly withstood the toughest test.

Sunday morning we were at church and our home burned down from an electrical fire… The house was a total loss…I had a Sentry (Fire-Safe® chest) model 1150 which held some deeds, insurance policies, birth certificates, etc. The fire (chest) protected the paper work really well. Thank you.

I have owned a Sentry safe for awhile and I recommended it to my sister. She bought one and did everything wrong. The safe was upstairs, unlocked, open, you name it. The house caught fire and it fell through to the garage where the fire department said the fire was in excess of 1300 degrees. Well the top in the fall must have shut from the weight of the lid and the fire melted the seal. The fire department buried it in water and we dug it out two days later. I had to pry it open and lo and behold all of my sisters paperwork on the boys she adopted, my mother's great grandmas ring, some family gold coins, and other valuables were completely untouched. We would like to say thanks for the fine product Sentry has put out. We didn't follow any of the directions on where to put it in the house and the proper way to use it when a fire occurs but it saved our hides. Thank you so much.

I was the victim of a burglary. The perps with a sledge hammer beat the crap out of the front of my gun safe breaking off the key pad along with the handle that opens the safe. Then they beat the front to the point the key would not even go in. They then beat the crap out of the hinges also with no luck. They beat this safe up so bad I had to hire a safe company to get it open so I could check the condition of my guns. I immediately went and bought a brand new gun safe just like the old one. I want to thank you at Sentry for building such a good safe that protected my guns. It was the best $500 dollars I ever spent. Thank you again.

In July of 2006 we had a fire at our STAR site in Sacramento and our Sentry Safe was destroyed. The good news is it performed as promised and the contents were saved. The fire engulfed the building and pretty much all else was lost.

Dear Sentry, This past Christmas our parents purchased your product model 1180 for my wife and me. We were just married this past September and moved in our home… Unfortunately, our home burned to the ground… Just one week earlier we had put all our valuable paper and certificates in the Fire-Safe® (file). We thank our parents for the thoughtful gift and who would have known just how much the gift would mean to us in a short time. Thank you for a valuable consumer product.

On March 27, 2008 I received a call at work from my friend telling me that my apartment building was on fire. He managed to grab my computer on the way out and nothing else. The fire started on the other side of the building and one floor down. It didn't take it long to work its way to my apartment. The next afternoon we were allowed to go in to our apartments and salvage what we could. My apartment was the third worst damaged only because the floor didn't cave in. The only things I salvaged were a few little things and the two safes of yours I had. The file safe had my coin collection in it and the only damage was some heat got in through the hinge and singed a small box. I think one thing that helped save the contents was that the lid melted shut except on part of the hinge. No water got in. Even after it was dropped 2 1/2 stories out the window by a fireman at some point. The file drawer safe had all my negatives. There were about 5,000 - 6,000 pictures worth of negatives in it. This safe did allow a lot of water to get in and had soaked the negatives. After some tedious work of pealing open each page of negatives, rinsing them in a special cleaning solution and then air drying, they were all saved. Some have some water spots but that's the worst damage to them. There were to things I was glad I had for the fire. Renters insurance and the two Sentry Safes. I would like to take you up on your Lifetime After-Fire Replacement Guarantee and get replacement safes.

I want to thank you for your Sentry Safe. My home burned to the ground at the end of April and everything in it was a total loss with the exception of my safe. I am enclosing pictures of where we found the safe and the condition it was in. Upon opening the safe we found the contents were hardly touched by the intense fire. The safe contained some of my best jewelry and important papers. Unfortunately, I had not put all my jewelry and papers inside the safe. I can't thank you enough for your great product.

We were recently burgled and the perpitrators had a very good attempt at breaking into our SentrySafe; however, they did not succeed in getting the contents only in destroying the product. They finally gave up the attempt but we were finally able to open the safe and take out our valuable documents. We will definitely be replacing this item with another SentrySafe. Thanks for a great product. Klaus T.

Thank you Sentry Because of your safe, many things were saved like four birth certificates, two car titles and many other things. Thank you for making such a great product in a world of overly priced and cheaper quality. Seems to be the standard. Your safe made it much easier to get things back to normal! THANK YOU.

Dear Sentry, …My fire safe contents were all I had to start life over with. We lost everything… We have told everyone about our Sentry safe… The fire inspector nor insurance investigator could believe it survived this magnitude of a fire. I will only buy a bigger one and put more in it.

The fire occurred in my condominium…My unit was one of the units on the top floor. I lost everything, nothing could be salvaged except for a few bits and pieces of my belongings. However, luckily I did store some important documents in my Sentry Fire-Safe®. All of the items that were in the Fire-Safe came out of the fire completely unscathed. Where I kept my Fire-Safe was in one of the worst parts of the fire. The fire-safe worked exactly like Sentry said it would. It's nice to see a product that lives up to its manufacturer claims and well beyond my expectations. I have been telling everyone I know to get a Sentry box if they don't already have one; they're reasonably priced and they work 110%. Thank you for saving my important documents. It has made this trying time for me a little bit easier.

The entire house was destroyed, but your safe with everything inside of it was still intact. Thank you. Your product is at least as good as you advertise it to be, if not better. I am very grateful for the quality of your products and your backing of your products. I very much appreciated your replacing my safe as you did.

Dear Sentry, We wanted to let you know that we are very grateful for your product. We had a large Sentry safe with the electronic lock. December 21st, 2011 we had a housefire. It started in the basement under the master bedroom and burned all night long. The house was completely gone. The next day, we asked the fire chief if there was any chance that our safe, which had been in the master bedroom closet, could be alright. He said there was no way, the fire had been way too hot, "it will be destroyed." I made a joke to my husband asking if we are still married since both of our wedding rings and marriage certificate were in there. Two days afterwards, when the insurance investigator was there, my husband mentioned that we wanted to try and look for the safe. So the investigator, my husband and our neighbor went in and found it and pulled it out. The front electronics were completely melted so they got a 6' long prybar and broke into it. It was like it was completely new inside!!!! My husband came and got me to show me. Even our wedding video, well it looks fine anywy, we haven't actually had a chance to check it out, but not a single thing inside even melted! I don't know how they are made but you do a wonderful job! Everyone now asks us for advice on what we have learned from this tragedy and what advice we can give. The first thing that both me and my husband say is "Make sure that you have Sentry firesafe and make sure you keep your important papers and such in it!" We are planning on getting a couple of them to protect more stuff. I wish I would have had my photo books and such in one, but I didn't...When my husband found the marriage certificate he asked the investigator, "Can I throw this back in and pretend it burned up also :-) I hit him!! Thank you for saving my marriage!:-) Lifetime Sentry owner and proud of it!

At 1:00 pm on Friday, January 20, 2012, I lost everything I owned in a devastating apartment fire in Garland, Texas. The fire originated on the floor below me, killing my neighbor. For the past few years, I've kept a SentrySafe under my bed, containing my social security card, birth certificate and a few other personal items. The fire completely incinerated everything, even causing the steel frame of my bed to warp and close in on itself. But the Sentry safe survived! It sealed itself shut! All of the items inside were absolutely untouched. Thank you, Sentry, for making this horrific ordeal a bit more bearable.

Just wanted to share a pucture with you of the small security safe my mother had in her home when an EF-5 tornado completely destroyed her house in Joplin, MO on May 22, 2011. It was in a closet of a room that was totally emptied by the storm. We never found any of the furniture that was in that room, but this safe was found in her yard, opened and upside down, but all the contents were under it. We were amazed at how little damage it sustained, and we were happy not to have to replace all the important documents inside. Luckily, my 87yr. old mother survived the tornado too, and is still using it in her new home today.

The most devastating event of my life took place when my home caught on fire and I lost everything including my best friend and companion, my dog Sable. The entire house burned and practically everything except a few charred objects I fit in a small box made it. My Sentry firebox was in a room that was above the kitchen where the fire burned completely through the gloot and noting was left in the room and amongst the tears my heart sank for not just the obvious loss of my sweet dog, but I realized all my important documents, insurance, birth certificate, passport, my grandmother's jewelry, a playbill from my first broadway show trip with my mother, credit cards, check books, etc. One of the fireman went to the room in which there was no floor but a one foot perimeter by the entrance to the room. To my surprise he pulled the fire safe out. It was charred a bit and the lock was melted but they broke it open with chisels and mallets and when it opened it was all there with zero evidence of the devastation that took place around it. It sounds silly, but when you lose everything, to see a small box with something from your life pre-devastation, it was a moment of peace for me. Thank you for saving a bit of my former life. I've attached a picture of the fire safe when it was pulled from the house. I am so grateful for this safe. It gave me a piece of my former life. Thank you so much!

Our house was destroyed by fire… The attic and second floor were completely destroyed along with portions of the first floor. We had a Sentry safe, model 1170, in the upstairs hall closet. When my husband opened the safe the next day, the contents were all intact. Nothing was burned or singed. George and Wanda S.

We experienced a fire in our home and lost the entire second floor. The Sentry®Safe was in our closet directly over the area in our bedroom closet where the fire started. While most of the contents of our closet were thrown out the window into our backyard, the firemen did bring us the safe (still smoking, but still sealed). We were told at its hottest point the fire reached 1500º F. We pried open what was left of the safe and to our amazement everything was intact and in perfect condition. We are so thankful for the protection your safe afforded our personal documents and photo negatives--after such a loss, that meant the world to us.

I am a firefighter that was called to a large log cabin fire. Log cabins are very hard to fight because the large logs hold the heat in. The fire was so large that it caught the house next to it on fire. After we put the fire out we tried to find items for the elderly couple. We did find the two Sentry Fire safes and found everything inside safe. From the picture you can see a family member finding everything in the SentrySafe--safe.

Our mobile home was destroyed by a tornado in February 2008. My safe was in a spare bedroom and it contained a collection of coins my deceased mother had left plus others I had collected. My safe was not locked but the door was shut and latched. The only damage was a small dent that penetrated the outer case but other than being dirty, it is still operational. I will recommend your products to everyone. I am well pleased with it.

Luckily enough we have not had occasion to really test the integrity of our Sentry safe but I would like to mention that the best thing about my husband's 20 years of ownership so far has definitely been the customer sevice @ SentrySafe. My husband sort of misplaced the combination years ago so we figured we'd just have to write it off and get the safe drilled open. Not so! The process of getting the combination from Sentry was well detailed on line so we submitted the requested document and in less than 2 hours my request was being handled efficiently and professionally by your friendly staff. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for your Sentry Fire Safe product. Because we had one some of our most valuable papers were saved in a recent house fire. Our mobile home was completely destroyed… We lost everything in a matter of 23 minutes… I managed to save my children's school records, birth certificates, titles, deed, baby pictures and very important papers…When we bought the unit I never thought we'd need it but thank God we had it. I'm advising everyone I talk you, to invest in one.

I was involved with a trailer fire on February 7, 2006. I had more than one of your fire safes and miraculously, everything I had in it was saved. Your products are great!

Our home was completely destroyed by fire. Our Sentry (chest) was in a filing cabinet in our office. When we were able to open the (chest), we found our will safely inside. We would recommend this method of safekeeping to anyone. We were very impressed with your product. We were also very impressed with your service. We found the guarantee inside the (chest) and figured "what the heck." We had such a huge job ahead of us, we sent off the letter and pretty well forgot about it. It was a real surprise when the courier arrived…with a brand new (chest). We've told the story often — it made a bright spot in our day and have highly recommended your products to anyone who asks us. If more companies had your standards, there'd be little need for Better Business Bureaus and such. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Bill and Barb G.

The fire started in a closet where the (Fire-Safe® chest) was located… I had my will, life insurance policies, mortgage papers, etc. — all of my personal papers of importance to me. I am very thankful I had this (Fire-Safe® chest) because to replace these documents would be very difficult… your product did the job.

In the early morning hours of March 27, 2004 we were awakened by my wife's parents because we had a phone call telling us that our home had burned. When we arrived back home we found a devastating site--our beautiful lake home had burned to the ground. Several years earlier I received a Sentry®Safe Model 1310 as a gift. At the time of the fire this safe was sitting in our master bedroom on a chest of drawers. Our next door neighbor was one of the first to arrive and after the flames were put out went to our bedroom to see if anything had survived. He found the Sentry®Safe virtually unharmed on the floor and pulled it to the garage. Of course in the heat the plastic dial and handle melted. We popped off the dial and hinge pins to retrieve the papers inside. All our important documents such as birth certificates, marriage license and a collection of old coins were untouched. My family now recommends Sentry®Safe products to all our friends and neighbors. We are a testimony to the quality of Sentry®Safe products and their promise to protect contents from fire.

My wife and I would like to start by thanking you for making such a dependable product. We lost our home to a fire in January 2006. I chose to keep the fireproof safe in the garage thinking it would have the least amount of fire exposure and that the fire crew could remove it quickly if the home was on fire. Unfortunately for us, our fire started in the garage. That is where the fire was the most intense and lasted the longest. The firemen couldn't remove the safe until fire was almost out which was about 4 hours after it started. To our amazement, when the locksmith broke open the safe, everything in the safe was intact and unharmed. Birth certificates, passports, titles, insurance papers, our will and CD backups of ALL our family photos. Nothing was even wet! The lockable drawers were not melted and the paper was not even singed.

I wanted to share a picture with you of my safe that lasted through the F5 Tornado that struck Moore, OK on May 20, 2013. All of my guns and property were protected. The only damage was scratches, a broken digital key pad and some insulation. Opened with the backup key without a problem. Definitely a fan of SentrySafe!

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