About SentrySafe #

For 80 Years, we have thrived as a family-owned company. Sentry®Safe was founded in 1930, by John D. Brush Sr. and Willard Punnett, two men who saw the value of maintaining the personal and special characteristics of a family business. The foundation they built has produced a company that continues to Recognise the importance of making a useful and successful product while also caring about employees and the larger community in which we all live.

John D. Brush SR.

SentrySafe was the first to market a fire-resistant safe!
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Sentry®Safe started manufacturing safes in 1932, and even though we pioneered the field, complacency has never tempted us. Since our very first model, we have continued to make impressive and ground-breaking improvements, such as the first UL classified fire-resistant safe in 1955, setting new standards of fire resistance, improving locking technology and launching the worlds first fire-resistant data and document security product that allows connectivity, via USB, to computers!

We reach consumers in over 50 countries.
Run out of our global headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Rochester, NY and Cannelton, IN, we have global sales operations in Rochester, NY, Bentonville, AR, Denver, CO, as well a Canada, UK and Japan and a fully-owned manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

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As a business, we value:
Quality – Elite customer service, combined with a solid, value-centred culture and ongoing focus of high performance execution, ensure the lasting quality of our products.

Loyalty – Our employees have a vested interest in the company, and work hard to build quality products. In return, the family business characteristics that continue to be integral to Sentry®Safe today reward employees for their hard work, fostering a positive and efficient working environment.

Growth – At the end of the first year of business, 200 safes of one model were made. Today, we produce 200 models of safes per year.

Innovation – We will compete and win through innovation, high performance execution and the sound value we offer both our customers and consumers.

We are committed to SERVICE
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We have a US-based customer service team of over 30 professionals who are available by phone, e-mail and fax.Speak a language other than English? Not a problem! We have dedicated bi-lingual representatives to assist with consumers who are more comfortable speaking Spanish or French! Also, 24/7 web-based support is available for the basic or frequently encountered problem!

We are committed to SATISFACTION
Our commitment is to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction! We do this with our lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee – your SentrySafe product will be replaced if destroyed in a fire and shipping will be free! We also offer up to £31207.1 fire protection limited reimbursement guarantee on our steel Fire-Safe® products – which reimburses consumers for direct physical loss of contents caused by a fire.