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You hear about people having fires, but you just don't understand what it's like to really lose everything that you have."
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Hurricane Sandy had a horrific impact on homes and families across the East Coast. It left over 305,000 homes damaged or destroyed in New York alone. Another 72,000 buildings were damaged in New Jersey. Over 8.5 million homes from 16 states and Washington D.C. lost power.
Time stood still for the McDermotts and others of
Breezy Point, NY, as Hurricane Sandy
leveled their homes, destroying all that they had.

190 firefighters
were sent into the blaze
engulfing the neighborhood.
in the course of the night.
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Hurricane Sandy hit the coast near Atlantic City, NJ with winds of 80 miles per hour. At one- point Sandy’s hurricane force winds (at least 74 mph) extended up to 175 miles from its center. The storm’s strength produced a record storm surge of water into New York City. The level at Battery Park topped 13.88 ft. far surpassing the 10.02 ft. record water level set by Hurricane Donna in 1960.
Later that week, the McDermotts walked the leveled neighborhood.
All that was left of Rosemary's mother's home was the basement
filled with the charred remnants of what had been.

With so little left, they searched for some small fragment of
hope to comfort her mother during this difficult time.
They then found a charred box amongst the debris.
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Breezy Point, NY is a beautiful seaside community that can only be reached by bridge and a single road. With only a peripheral parking lot and no streets, the homes and paths in its Wedge district form a tight community of friends and families. But with no streets to serve as breaks, each house quickly caught the neighboring house on fire during the hurricane, and in the end over 100 homes were lost.
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The safe that survived the storm is the SentrySafe Fire-Resistant File Model 1170. Like many SentrySafe products this safe is third party tested to protect its contents in temperatures of up to 1550˚F.
It was her mom's
Though burnt on the outside,
it protected the items entrusted to its care,
including their family geneology,
a project Rosemary's mother had worked on for years.
I knew my mother was going to
be so, so, happy.
She was coming down that day and I was so
excited that we had something to show her that was
going to make her feel so much better...
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SentrySafe was established in 1930 when it innovated the industry with the first fire-resistant safe. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, SentrySafe employs over 300 people. The majority of SentrySafe products are made in the US and SentrySafe remains committed to overcoming the obstacles of American based manufacturing with a commitment to continue to grow its Rochester facilities in the future.
...that something was salvageable
out of absolutely nothing"
Find out more about
the safe that survived Hurricane Sandy.
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